Hello Again July 2021 Update

My beloved readers it has been a year and a half since we last caught up. I am so happy to check in that all is well and the adventures are back on.

While things were still restricted I enjoyed a great Space Coast (FL) bike tour with the wonderful perk of spending a week with Liz and Les from C2C last year. We had a great week exploring the area and eating some great meals with Bubba’s tour.

Debbie came a few days early and we enjoyed a night SpaceEx launch and some beautiful riding on our anniversary.

Immediately after my Vax safe date I had a really wonderful time in Texas Hill Country connecting with this year’s C2C and riding an Adventure Cycling camping tour. Not sure if it was finally getting out but it was one of my absolute favorite tours. Bluebonnets everywhere. That part of our country is really fabulous and checked off The Alamo. Ladybird Johnson’s mission to plant roadside wildflowers and deter litter was a total win for Texas.

On the way home I discovered a beautiful FL fresh water spring.

Fanning Springs
Way up high outside Fredericksburg TX
Love Love Love these.

You may want to check out the Polarsteps app and find and follow Nancy Wentink. It is a much quicker and reliable way for me to post quickly on the road and load pics without a good signal. I have a few new adventures there now. Check it out. https://www.polarsteps.com/nancywentink

I will return here for some additional updates from 2021. The Polarstep is working so well to post the bike trips I hope you can make it work.

In March 2022 I hope accomplish the Coast to Coast Southern Tier. This goal has been on the schedule for 6 years and it is time to get it done !! I plan to go on Womantours and it will be all hotels. Sorry …..tents and remote bathroom, you are not in the plans.

In the meantime I have a little more running to finish the 50 states and a swimming trip to Greece with fabulous friends and my beloved green caps. Trying to do three things at once keeps the washer and kitchen busy. My friend the party is Always in the back of the pack. Keeping it festive and fabulous.

Get out and play. Love to all, NW

June highlight Brood X MD
Angela T and Hank on the Hill Maryland
Hay ! It was 95’ Running is for lunatics

3 thoughts on “Hello Again July 2021 Update

  1. That very colorful photo of you & Deb merits a reproduction on a Christmas Card & don’t even think of including the bug in it, either.

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