Barn Greatest Hits 2020

Greetings readers. Thank you for enjoying this beautiful picture tour taken last summer-the covid summer-of some beautiful barns on the roads of Walworth and Rock County Wisconsin. My pal Trudy referred D and I to a virtual cross country bike challenge. The idea was to bike from Memorial Day to Labor Day and accomplish the mileage on I-40 to go from North Carolina to California. The daily average was plus or minus 25 miles a day. You could skip a day but the next day would have to be double. 25 miles is a lovely distance to ride daily. You can see we had a sunny summer and the barns put on a great show. The simplicity of just biking everyday and a few jig saw puzzles filled the summer.

This post got lost in a draft file so it is even more fun to enjoy a year later. The picture with the bike leaning on the silo was at the final mile of the challenge. That particular farm is abandoned and truth be told the fantasy of buying it in a tax sale was a winter ponder. City girls best stick to riding fancy bikes on the paved roads and taking iphone pictures. Do I look like I could repair a huge rotting barn and crumbling old house ? Call the HGTV hosts please.

This summer the visual delights on the bike have turned to architectural detail on old buildings in downtown squares and Main Streets. More to follow on this topic after a bit more exploring.

When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living.

If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.- Tecumseh

Make it a great day. Love to all, Nan

One thought on “Barn Greatest Hits 2020

  1. Your pics were a real “barn-burner” & a testament to “locking the door of the barn after the cow got away”!

    Thematic adventures are working out really well for you (& us, your followers)!

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