Texas Hill Country

In April my first post Vax break out was a trip to Texas to check in on this year’s Southern Tier bike coasters and participate in Adventure Cycling supported camping bike tour. The bluebonnets were putting on a great show. The coasters did a great job in getting through Texas. This year there were added challenges of a new tour operator, covid closures and impact from the weather event in February.

Our tour began outside of New Braunfels on the Guadalupe River. Within the first 15 miles a rancher was having an early morning concert for the horseys. The next night we camped at the Pedernales River. We had a few nights near the wine country in Fredricksburg. The last night was on the Blanco River. Near a boot fence we were up real high and just for fun in the middle of a long hot hilly bike day we were encouraged to do a big hike up Enchanted Rock. In Texas go big or go bigger !

Next is a little video of the Blanco River road. In Texas due to flash floods the roads have water crossings. There is a 12 foot water gauge next to the crossing. Instead of the road staying flat and the water going under the road they slope the road sharply down to the river bed in a valley shape . Sometimes in the crossing there is mud, high water etc. To figure this all out on a bike that is going downhill quickly is a heart rate spiker. It had rained the previous night so I was thrilled this one was not flooded. I had hoteled the previous night so I was packed up quickly and first rider out to be the guinea pig.

On the way home I checked in on the coasters who had successfully made it to Louisiana. A bonus of the trip back was a stop at Fanning Springs near Gainesville.

My heart is full of gratitude. Thanks for following. Love to all. NW

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