Rainbow River 10/20

When life gives you the stuck at home blues go kayak a beautiful Florida spring fed river.

It still hotter than the surface of the sun so we added a swim at the head spring that was refreshing and beautiful.

Wildlife was excellent on this trip. Double breasted cormorant, Great Blue Heron and tons of turtles taking a suntan.

These are as big as they appear

The beloved Debbie navigated us perfectly to the take out location and a wonderful feast at the Blue Gator.

This was the left overs if you can believe it.

It’s real. It’s central Florida. Tomorrow the adventure quest is a few hours biking under the canopy of the Witholocoochee Trail. Rumor has it there are pumpkin pancakes and omelettes in that crystal ball too.

Thanks for following, stay outside and inspired and keep moving forward.

Love to all

N/ Big D

7 thoughts on “Rainbow River 10/20

  1. I love that place! Quirky history to it. My mother lives in Hernando, about 20 Minutes from Rainbow Spings. . We try to make it an annual trip. Enjoying following your blog!

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