Withalocooche Trail Experience

Day 2 of the central Florida fun fest started with perfect 70’ temps, great canopy out of the breeze and exciting brunch plans. Debbie started things rolling with a brisk pace down the trail with a 10 mile out and back goal. The hour passed quickly. We did a u turn back to the hotel and D went on the avocado scramble and pumpkin pancakes with cream cheese. hunting and gathering of a Brunch. Turkey Nan did a bit more riding and it was game on with Ms delicious.

The specifics on this 2 day gala are lodging at the older but spotless Central Motel in Inverness. $65 a night adjacent to the With. Trail. Yesterday was a kayak rental from Rainbow Kayak in Dunellon and lunch from the Blue Gator (scenic overlooking the Withalocooche River). Today brunch was from Cinnamon Sticks adjacent to the Central Motel. Other kayak rental options are at Rainbow Springs State Park at the headwaters /swimming hole and at the KP launch in Dunellon. Inverness has some excellent restaurants and the park surrounding the trail downtown was very lovely with a fishing pier, water overlooks, etc.

The initial plan was to do a hike in Croom near Brooksville on the way home tomorrow but home was calling after 48 hours away. That was enough excitement after 7 months of keeping it very close to the casa.

Keep moving forward, be well and remember outside is the best side.

Love to all,

N/Big D

5 thoughts on “Withalocooche Trail Experience

  1. What a lovely adventure…..and so close to home, too! What a treat for you and Deb. Beautiful Fall days to enjoy being outside, because yes you are right, outside is the best side!

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