Covidman Triathlon 2020

Today was the first and (hopefully last) Covidman triathlon at Ft. Desoto. The race consisted entirely of someone whose name rhymes with Clancy Fendrink.

There is a new policy of a locked gate at the park until 7 am so this o dark hundred early bird did a shuffle run on the causeway and in the camping area in front of the gate until it opened. It was a gorgeous morning with a stiff breeze.

The kite surfers loved the conditions provided excellent entertainment during the bike portion.

Part of the park is on Tampa Bay. Here is a freighter headed out to the Gulf. Please trust me when I tell you it was massive.

For the swimming portion the water looked lovely.

I was about to capture jumping in all hot and sweaty after a run and a bike. I guess this was a reverse order tri. Anything to not run in 90’.

But a little fin appeared right in front of my swim course.

The swim portion of the Covidman was moved to the shower near the parking lot.

The park is one of my favorite places to play. 10 miles of beach, road, paved trails, some sand trails and enough great views to keep you busy forever. I managed 3 hours or so of jolly time and then it was home to my girls.

Deb was doing zoom yoga in the living room and Sammie was looking for snacks.

There are rumors we may attempt to tent camp at the park so that will most certainly be blog worthy. If you are climbing the walls with boredom go find a park and poke around for the day. It is the 2020 version of a vacation getaway.

Stay well and enjoy your local delights.


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