Filling the Void Virtually

The new normal. Long days waiting for deliveries of essentials and a way out of the pandemic.

We were extremely fortunate to escape to Walworth County in Wisconsin for a few months. The bike riding is fabulous and there are many interesting old barns. I adore old barns so every mile in rural Wisconsin is a delight. Debbie took on a virtual 300 mile walk/bike challenge and I did the virtual 2500 mile coast to coast along I 40. Our pal Trudy W suggested it to benefit a NC food pantry. There was even a t shirt and medal. Drowsy Sammie volunteered to model the swag.

The ride occupied Memorial Day to late August very nicely. The other summer highlight was visiting family in Pure Michigan.

We returned to Florida to cast our ballots and flee the f word. Furnace for forty degree temps.

Sincerely hope you are safe and finding your best self and best life during this extraordinary time.

Virtually yours,


4 thoughts on “Filling the Void Virtually

  1. Love your blog posts! You did the pandemic in style!! Lucky you to have all that fresh air and excellent scenery instead of being inside a bunker for the duration of the pandemic!

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