Post C2C Reflections

Still shaking my head ! WHAT just happened ? This is what I remember from the last week.

We departed Rodeo NM with the sun on the mountains and coyotes howling. It was clear and chilly. There was another Continental Divide sign with rolling hills up and a headwind. I was doing my usual ride/photo/nature sprinkle break. Moving up and back through the party in the back of the ride.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere at a hardware/feed/convenience store. Someone said the store opened up just for us. There was not a great selection of drinks but I noticed another rider had chocolate milk so I snagged one. We then had 30 miles with no sag and it kept going up and there was a strong wind. The route was 89 miles. At the lunch sag in a ghost town I timed out and I was transported to Deming NM. When I pulled into the SAG I had a tantrum. I threw my bike down, tossed both bottles high in the air and gave a double bird to the wind. I believe the next statement was: If I never see another Continental Divide sign again IT WILL BE TOO SOON. There may have been some f bombs too. When I have been 30 miles with no snack this is the sad outcome. We had a hotel overnight and it was getting obvious the world was closing up. I overheard another rider discussing that the next day was no ride-beeline to El Paso and exit to home quickly.

The extra time off the bike was good to call home/rearrange travel from plane to rental car. Early the next morning the staff had riders, bikes, luggage packed up and rolling in 5 minutes. Bubba HOW do you do it ? What a team.

Within an hour of getting to El Paso I had rental car packed and fruit-snacks-gloves-wipes for the drive home. In 46 hours I was home with 2 quick sleeps at Hampton Inn occupancy 2 in Kerrville TX and 3 in Biloxi Mississippi. FYI if you are a lead foot and a virus is chasing you TX pretty much does not have a speed limit.

The beloved D met me at the Tampa airport in virus mode. Even though it is hotter than He$& here in Florida I so appreciate being in the same place for more than 24 hours and having 3 quick steps to the bathroom at 2am.

The food at home is not nearly as good as Bubba’s and obtaining limited choices takes days now. Since I have enough butt butter to last for awhile I will Forrest Gump and just keep riding around for awhile. Today I made my own Nan sandwich. The authentic Bubba version is on a tortilla FYI.

Due to social distances I still cannot determine the actual goings on in the grass hut at the end of the road at the Manatee River.

Thanks for following and please feel free to comment on how your situation is this week.

Sending peace, health and safety,

Love to all,


4 thoughts on “Post C2C Reflections

  1. You are a hoot, Nancy! Love your blog posts, love your enthusiasm, and especially love that you are home safely. Take care, and I can’t say I will “See you soon,” because we are not allowed to congregate with others. Perhaps I will pass you on your bike in the neighborhood.

    We are well here in seclusion. I miss my beach walks and my gym workouts, but are making the best of it by walking around neighborhoods and working out with online exercise classes. Have ordered several more sets of free weights, but seems like everyone is ordering them so they are really backlogged. One of my orders got cancelled already.

    Love to you and D.

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  2. Nancy. I loved taking this ride with you. You do such an excellent job of showing the nature, food and the society of bikers
    I am grateful for the time and sense of humor you bring to your adventures
    Happy you are home

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  3. Thank you, Nancy! You have been a bright light. My heart breaks for you but what a wild few weeks you had. I am a 2012 Coaster from Michigan. My husband and I are well, but the virus is closing in on our area. Detroit is 90 minutes south of us and they are very hard hit. Thanks for rekindling my memories. Stay well!

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  4. Nancy:

    Deb’s victory sign is a welcome relief as are those Chamois Buttrr cups!

    Stay safe & know that my “saved” file is just overflowing with all your recent (last Summer thru late Winter?) hijinks.


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