Fourth of July 2020

We celebrated the 4th with a section of the Glacial River Trail. Loved the red white and blue barn. The Rock River and Little Crawfish River were looking good.

Indeed it is possible to get lost on a bike trail. We were very successful at that when the trail meandered thru Ft. Atkinson and again when the Glacial Drumlin Trail intersected.

We are both enjoying the virtual bike challenge for the summer. At home we have congestion in Sarasota to the south, Sunshine Bridge to the North and of course that little pond the Gulf of Mexico to the West. The ability for us in Wisconsin to go any direction with virtually no traffic is sublime.

Keep the rubber on the road,

Stay safe,


2 thoughts on “Fourth of July 2020

  1. So glad that your fireworks actually did go off as planned (i.e., your July 4th trip) because we all have been confined in-doors too much this year, right?

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