Post C2C Road Gold Report

C2C Road Gold recap.
This is 1/3 of the booty. Bypassed 2 pennies on car trip home from El Paso at gas stations due to virus issues so add those in virtually please.
One lady rider who was walking up a steep mountain feeling kind of down in the dumps saw a dime after I report 11 cents at the last intersection picked it up and it made her day. She rocketed down that mountain like a Tour rider. Then had lunch and said it was the best day of the trip.
The legend and the magic of Road Gold lives on !
Even with doing only 1/3, for sure we made a million memories.
Love to all,

8 thoughts on “Post C2C Road Gold Report

  1. I picked up 95 cents one day (3 quarters and 2 dimes), a penny another day, and then 3 dimes on the last day. I also picked up a magnetic bit driver at one of the SAG stops. I found more on this trip than any other trip I have done.

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    1. You scored sister. Road finds are the BEST. I was so busy looking that I had to start a mantra: Look UP ….Mountains ! Maybe it’s because I ran so much or watching the wheel in front from group rides.


  2. Dear B-131 (aka Nancy):

    No penny for your thoughts?

    Well, at least all of your travelogues make cents (er, sense).

    Thanks again for including me as a “regular voyeur”.


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