Venice Ride with Cruisers 2/2/20

Today the SMBC folks got together for a ride and free lunch. The expression is true !

Today is a palindrome /velodrome/ whatever with the date. Biking, Forwards, backwards, groundhogs, Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl, it’s quite a day.

I went early to do some miles on the Legacy Trail. There is nothing like the quiet of the early morning on a bike to start the day. It was chilly but I had the right stuff.

The ride was just getting really perfect out on Manasota Key but our leader said lunch was calling so we headed back to the start. I wandered around Downtown Venice and some nice neighborhoods near the Gulf to get 50 miles for the day.

My beloved stayed in Bradenton and cleaned up the road trash on the main road.

Road Gold ! $5 to Debbie today on 43rd St.

Wishing you a beautiful 02/02/2020.

Next up the St. Pete Classic ride out of Palmetto next Sunday. 1 month until Nan gets on that one way flight to San Diego.

Thanks for checking in,

Love to all,


4 thoughts on “Venice Ride with Cruisers 2/2/20

  1. What amazing adventures you have! Love that you took the Legacy Trail…a bit of history there. I’m so happy for you, and excited for the adventure ahead.

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  2. Nancy:

    I don’t know which I like the most: the scenery or the food—both. I guess.

    From what I’ve heard, the Catholic Bishop of Venice is NOT so wonderful as his diocese with its beauty; a deacon class-mate of mine & his wife live there & have been curtailed in what they can do to serve the Church’s poor…probably a personality clash..

    But, hey, that’s the story of life: misery that can only be overcome by mercy.

    Keep on biking!

    KUV ya,


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