Ready to Launch

The coast to coast bike trip with Bubba on the Southern tier will launch in a few days. The route is San Diego CA to St Augustine FL. My buddy Tom G is out in San Diego and here is his photo of the start location:

I snuck a peak at the finish location last week:.

It’s been a hoot and a half to learn the touring side of biking and enjoy our beautiful county here in SW Florida. Most of my previous riding was for triathlon. In addition to enjoying being upright acquiring warm layers has been a part time job. REI —Florida needs you !!

Our local roads have been picked clean of road gold and truthfully the soft shell turtle in the pond behind the Tuesday ride location is kind of prehistoric. My little horse friend really stole my heart. The white pelicans have headed north so it must be time to ride new roads !

Thanks to all the folks at Sarasota Manatee Bike Club and Michele V for the cram course in touring. Almost 3000 miles of riding is overwhelming to consider but the tour info captured my heart at the word chef.

Thanks for following the blog and coming along for the ride.

Love to all, Remember: Be courteous !


17 thoughts on “Ready to Launch

  1. Oh Nancy, what a wonderful adventure! Godspeed to you, and I pray that the angels guard and protect you as you travel those many miles. We look forward to reading all about it, and seeing the pictures of the glorious landscape that you will enjoy. You are pure JOY!

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  2. This is your ride…what a great experience, I know you will make the most of it . Will be with you in spirit…miles of smiles, my friend!

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  3. Nancy:

    Again, great shots (not just of you but of the MONEY & the surf!).

    We have about 60 degrees today in Chicago; it’s been a very mild Winter (but that’s now officially over, meteorologically speaking, since Spring is now on the weather maps nation-wide).

    Bike safely but happily!


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  4. Nanc.. you always find the adventures in life and on the road. Can’t wait to watch/read it. 66 never looked so good! Safe travels. Keep the rubber on the road!

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    1. I hope you can double dip the wheels sooner than later. I came to the conclusion that these endeavors are best done soonest rather than later !
      My 56 year old self could do this blindfolded, now…. I need binoculars !!


  5. Nancy, stay strong, enjoy every day of this wonderful adventure. You are our one and only champion.
    If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney said this. We will think of you all of the 3000 miles.

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