Cascade Super Series

A series of events-some random, some deliberate- brought me to this event at Snoqualmie Pass. My favorite activity was working the word SNO-QUAL-MIE into every conversation and post throughout the weekend.

A year ago I failed at finishing a WA  trail race in the Seattle area. There were hills, a too slow pace by me, technical trail, swarming ground bees (who knew) and a 5:00 plane to catch for an Idaho event the next day. There was also a scary report about a cougar eating a mountain biker a few miles away…..  meow I dropped at mile 17. I made the 5:00 plane and got to come back this year and do this great event. WIN. Have you begun to realize we are not really in charge ?

A pacer the next day in Couer D’Alene  recommended this event. It is not advertised on Marathon Guide nor Maniacs. It is the Cascade Super Series Marathon  held in late June.  WIN.

The route was on the Iron Horse Trail (rail trail) from Snoqualmie Pass to Rattlesnake Lake. It was flat to gently downhill beginning at 2500′ losing 1500′ over the last 17 miles.  There were enough rocks to recommend trail shoes. The course had a few miles through a tunnel with flashlights provided by the race. It was really dark in there.  Wear Depends if the lights and roar coming rapidly  at you in the middle of the tunnel  fool your light deprived brain.  A TRAIN IS COMING ! No my dear it was the wellness check  guy on an ATV.

Back in the daylight with clean shorts there were foxglove, waterfalls, river gorges, old railroad bridges and high trestles. Look down if you dare !! PCT highlighted in purple and red  in the below graphic was to our right. The route roughly paralleled I 90.







These views were a highlight of my 50 state journey. I am so glad I did a second round and am profoundly grateful for my pedestrian pace that has chased me to some amazing nooks and crannies of the USA to find generous time limits.

The average finishing time in the race was 4:10. There was still grill cheese and pickles for the 6 hour crew. Disposables are a no-no in the PNW so food directly on the table with hands for plates is the protocol. No arguments here.

My travels plans were to chill for a day. Did not happen. See the  Poo Poo Trail blog. Best chill day ever. I then did a quick recon of Victoria BC and then headed to Portland OR to bag #44.  One trip, 2 races, with plenty of fun in between.  The travel gods smiled. Win.

Next up is Juneau AK.  #45.  It will be just a weekend, as my beloved and I  enjoyed the daylights out of AK with our dear friends Betsy and Linda just a year ago.



Cascades-put it on the list. Get out and enjoy the sun and flowers. This is a great week for lilies here in the Midwest.

Thank you for following, Love to all.






7 thoughts on “Cascade Super Series

  1. Absolutely the BEST photos ever!—but I never see you carrying the camera.

    You take pics more than you run, and that’s good for your fans!

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