Gotta Love It -Victoria BC

Rainbows everywhere and a culture of kindness, inclusion and contentment.

Everyone gets the whole pie.

Loved the visitor center and thank goodness the shoe store got it right.

All over Victoria I thought I was in the fabulous part of town but after walking a few miles it was obvious there is pride everywhere.

What a great celebration this year was for the Stonewall 50th. Times have changed when so many friends attended a pride event as regular summer fun. Sherry B even carried a banner in the parade. You go girl.

Special shout out to my Joy and Love.

The Big D. It was a tough job but Grandma D had water park/Chucky Cheese duty this week with #1 grandson JW, hence I took on this excursion while grabbing a few more states on the run quest.

Love to all especially the rainbow people.


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