Bristol NH

New England fall colors ? Yes please.

This trip got off to the best start when I caught a quick visit with the best co workers Linda and Kath. These gals are gold.

My 46th running state was New Hampshire in early October. Quick ! Sign me up. New England is really wonderful and what could be more fun than running all day in the colors ?

The trip started in the capitol Concord. The building is the size of a small elementary school with lots of history. I was mesmerized by the regiment flags from various conflicts, primarily the Civil War.

Early the next day Hank on the Hill and I got the band back together and took it out n the road for a Bristol NH and Portland ME double the next day.

Someone was fired up to light this candle !

This was mile 21.

The route was hilly, conditions were perfect and there was an early date with a start line the next day in Portland ME. It was a great day to run and a beautiful route. I love fall colors and pretty lakes-who doesn’t ? . After just returning from great open water swimming in AZ the lake looked extremely inviting to take an October dip.

After inhaling some pizza and a chocolate milk elixir it was off to Maine.

Hank picked up packets, chef Nan wrangled take out, bags were repacked and in a few short hours the start line in Portland was open for business.

Here are a few more fall shots to get you through to spring flowers.

Thank you for following the blog and the 50 state journey. New England ! Amazing.

Love to all,

Get out there-winter is coming and Game of Thrones is not. 😉