Finish What You Start

Back on Hinman Ave in the old days when kids went out to play all day and didn’t get carpooled everywhere, my BFF Harriet and I decided to ride our bikes up and down our 1 block for 100 laps. A nice round number that we figured was 10 miles, an adventure to achieve a round number staying within sound of each household’s bell or noisemaker that meant come home for dinner.

This wonderful afternoon delight hatched a dream to perhaps cross our town boundary on a bike or even something grander like across the USA. Harriet claims we eventually biked to Kenosha WI (as teenagers) just across the border to buy beer or wine. I do not remember this trip so it probably did involve beer or wine. All I can imagine now is HOW DID THIS HAPPEN wearing cut off jeans and one speed bikes ?

Here is part of the Hinman Ave crew today

Harriet Hunt Nan W and Lewis Hunt

Eventually my bike adventures evolved to 112 miles with a nicer bike preceded by a long swim and followed by a marathon. Since that is quite a workout, rest assured there were no cut off jeans worn and the beer waited until the next day.

Since I got sidetracked with swimming, biking and running a bunch of marathons the bike across USA goal got buried until I had an AARP card for quite awhile. I finally pulled the trigger in 2016 to ride in 2017. The ride happened without me due to a medical situation a few months before the ride.

2019 I pulled the trigger again and paid up, trained up and began the ride in March 2020 with a great group of riders and staff with Bubba’s C2C tour.

We had a glorious few weeks until Covid shutdown the country. The following year 2021 a few of our 2020 group completed the C2C without vaccinations. So brave.

I eventually completed a 50 state running tour when the country opened back up. Time was definitely marching on I was in my late 60’s and these athletic goals were becoming challenging.

March 2020 Bubba’s C2C trip

For the 2020 ride my inspiration was Terry Hunt (wife of Lewis) who had just lost a short battle with ALS. Terry’s photo rode up front showing me the way. Take nothing for granted, appreciate every moment and always be gracious. Even when you look like a horse that got run too hard and put away wet …..put on that beautiful smile.

Here is Terry, Millie and Sissy on a beautiful trail in Gainesville almost home to St Augustine

March 2022 we gave another cross country go with Womantours. This trip the plan included hotels not camping. This was a good idea for this presently somewhat high maintenance old lady.

We made it safe and sound to the east coast from the west coast, and my beloved Deb and the Hinman Ave crew and pal Michele threw a great party in St Augustine. Journey complete.

Finish what you start. Most importantly …..Start. I would be fibbing if i said preparing for this trip 3 times was paradise. Perseverance had some lessons to teach for 6 years and of lots of saddle time. Finish what you start. Thanks for following and feel my support for a ride around the block and beyond.

5 thoughts on “Finish What You Start

  1. I truly enjoy your adventures through your narrative and pictures! I’m so inspired, maybe not to ride cross country, but to at least add distance to my bike rides this summer! Ride on, Nancy!!

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  2. U R like a traffic light—going from green to yellow & then to red (white & blue)!!

    I enjoy filing these trips away on my computer, too.

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  3. Just love you and your blog. What a joy to have you and Debbie in my life even though most of it is on Facebook. Looking forward to our next in person get together, whenever that is. Love Linda

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