Recap Summer 2021

Hello beloved readers. I have been inspired to resume the nanadventure posts. I hope you enjoy them.

Life was slowly returning in Spring 2021. After a long delay I achieved my 49th running state in Delaware. The cicadas were very abundant and it was so great to see the 50 state running posse after the pandemic hiatus.

Bear Delaware state #49
Hay ! Elkton Maryland the day after just because
Adan C achieving state 47

The Mainly Marathon series was going to do a week of New England states on consecutive days. I declined the lovely invitation to run 160 miles in a week and went back home to prepare for number 50 in Green River WY in August. Did I mention it was fabulous to be back in the world after a year of shutdowns ?!!

In July we gathered the fun seekers and did our first Womantours bike trip. The tour was Finger Lakes with emphasis on Women’s history. The scenery and information on the Suffragettes was wonderful. We got a private tour of Susan Anthony’s house. What a hero.

Niagara Falls ? YES please ! The Maid of the Mist never gets old. The Cave of the Winds was wonderful. I stuck my head under a torrent and never felt so alive.

Betsy Linda Masked Singer and two strangers
No one went on the free barrel ride

Wyoming was a successful run and state number 50 for the second time was finally finished. The race was a very small field up a butte/mesa with wild horses on the road

Finisher !

It felt like a million bucks to finally finish the quest and even with careful planning cost a chunk of that amount to galavant around America and run around.

America is inspiring, people are kind and generous. I so encourage you to explore our country.

Peace to you. It’s great to be back.

Love to all, Nan W.

4 thoughts on “Recap Summer 2021

  1. That is absolutely amazing. I didn’t realize that you were even doing that. Of course it’s easy to do when you are only 35 years old.


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