Carpe Diem -Seize the Day

A lifetime highlight for Debbie and I was traveling to Atlantic City to support and cheer our dear friend Adan Chinchilla when he completed his 50th marathon state-New Jersey.

We power cheered with signs, photo masks, flags and rented bikes chasing down Adan. The finish was glorious. The announcer gave 10 minutes of fame including an interview over the P.A. The police officer was so excited and exuberant she crashed the photos. There is simply nothing like a 50 state marathon finish. The journey through the country is magnificent and magical. It also takes training, planning and blessings of health and resources.

Treasure the day, make your bucket list a plan not a dream. It is with a heavy heart that I share that 2 months after Atlantic City and 1 week after delivery of the funds to Mozambique to build a village school Adan passed away suddenly from undiagnosed liver cancer. It is still a shock to realize over a year later.

A few days later our beloved friend Sandy lost a short battle with an aggressive cancer.I had pics of both them guiding me through the challenges of biking coast to coast a few months later.

These two beautiful and generous souls made a difference to so many. They can also make a difference if this spurs you to move forward in some way with a challenge, a goal, a dream or all three. Go big with no regrets.

Hopefully I will keep posting adventures from 2022. Here is a preview of what happened a few months later in honor of my role models Sandy and Adan.

3100 miles Coast to Coast with Sandy and Adan as copilots.
It takes a village and a family
We did it !

Feel my support for your quest. Let’s get to it.

Fondly, Nan W

4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem -Seize the Day

  1. Carpe Diem -Seize the Day is exactly right. I just lost a beloved friend yesterday to cancer, and I have six other friends who are fighting a fierce battle with cancer right at this moment. It takes too many…..far too many. How right you are to seize the day because we certainly don’t know when our time will be up. I will be on the hiking trail doing “my thing.” If you ever want to go hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have some amazing hikes that we could do together. Come visit!

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