Still Standing After All These Years.

This summer the awe is focused on architectural detail on very old buildings. Fortunately I have had the privilege to spend a bit of time this summer in some older Main Streets and town squares. Above is a very rudimentary explanation of a few parts. In researching and spending time on this photo my awe compounded for the details over each window. This building is spreading it’s joy in Sparta WI. They have done a good job on revitalization on Main St. Here are a few more from Sparta. (Do not ask how long it took to insert the text to the above photos)

Here are two more from Trempealeau just off the Mississippi River on the Great River Trail on the WI side. Shout out to the Masons your symbol is loud and proud since 1895.

Baraboo WI has got some beauties. Chicago people take the drive, there is something for everyone in this area.

Here is a Flat Iron style building and a lovely residence in Wisconsin Rapids

Please welcome this agricultural architectural diversion to a restored round barn north of Wausau WI. It is available to host big parties and weddings FYI.

Close to home here in our summer escape is a building in Beloit. Am I incorrect if I call Art Deco ? Please comment if you have feedback.

The next block is from the Natchez Trace.

Florence AL

A visit to Tupelo is not complete without a visit to the 2 room shack where Elvis was born. It is indeed much smaller than it looks.

We will wrap up with a few from St Augustine FL where it all started in 1585 with some Tiffany stain glass. I hope you learned some new terms and if you wander into an old downtown you have a delightful experience looking up.

Keep the summer frolic going and as always sending much love to all. NW

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