Save The Orcas 13.1 Bradenton Beach/Cortez FL

13.1 because at the moment 26.2 is an alternative reality. This was a virtual event because of the C word. First and last place finisher’s name rhymes with fancy.

The skies were beautiful and the early morning peace was a treat. 13 miles was a challenge but in this neck of the woods the scenery never disappoints. The woke yard in Cortez village was thought provoking. My favorite was the don’t take me to your leader-I come in peace. Insert snarky comment regarding alternative reality here and please do find your best way to vote

This was a virtual event to save the orcas. There was a t shirt and a matching medal. Reality provided a toasty humid day but orcas deserve our best efforts.

When doing the Cortez loop from Coquina my guilty pleasure is doing the last bit on the sand and then jumping into the Gulf clothes and all. After 9 years living here this routine never gets old. Best of all it entices one to get back out there another day and do it again.

Last week paradise was invaded by big jellyfish. Today the coast was clear. One dolphin came very close to shore having brunch. Mission accomplished and breakfast picked up on the grub now app. Thank you essential workers.

Hope this gave you a little diversion and you are well and safe. Sending love to all especially the orcas.


7 thoughts on “Save The Orcas 13.1 Bradenton Beach/Cortez FL

  1. I just loved this post. I can see you and it is an enjoyable sight. Running, jumping in the water!!
    You are a gift and so are the photos and the Orcas
    Thank you
    See you soon

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  2. It was a wonderful diversion! The pictures are beautiful! I was hoping for a picture of your “splash down” finish! Enjoy your runs!


  3. I like all those Florida pictures! We did some home improvements to our place in Venice. Due to Covid and Pam’s Mom we have not seen the results yet. Taking care of the elderly is where we are right now.


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