Rachel the snake curator
Tortoise shell ankle rattlers for dancing

Douglas to Rodeo NM was a great day of riding. The road was deserted. Just us and the border patrol. The overnight was a resort for hang gliders owned by Macafee the COMPUTER one. It was a fabulous house with courtyard fireplace and dark sky stars that brought one to their knees. Wow wow just wow.

We had a late dinner and a very late rider meeting with. 95 mile day the next day. Overnight it dipped cinnamon the 30’s. The view of the mountains looking Est and west was ahhhhmazing.

Thanks for following. Just got a signal to post this.



4 thoughts on “Rodeo

  1. Have loved your photos, your stories of your adventures, and just hearing everything from your heart to ours. Yes, the world around us is closing in on all sides. We are confined to our homes and using electronic means of communicating with each other. But we will welcome you home. Please be safe in that airport and airplane. Very few souls flying these days.

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  2. In 2018, that ride was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike. We had 20-25 mph tailwinds. As you said, the road was practically deserted and the wind just pushed us along with little to no pedaling.

    Sorry your ride was cut short. I’ve enjoyed your posts.

    Keep riding.

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