Rodeo to Deming

We woke up to stars that would not quit and 34’. The sun was rising and popping off the mountains pink AND the coyotes were howling and yipping. There are no words.

Bubba HOW do you do it ?

We did -surprise – another uphill grind to a little store that sold farm feed hardware and snacks. They opened up just for us. It was truly in the middle of nowhere. We then had a solo 30 stretch to Hachita . The town was abandoned due to the RR stopping. The population was C2C riders and sag team.

The stretch had a beefy headwind and my least favorite concept Continental Divide. After a brief down that was impeded by big wind I did the swearing mph to the lunch.

I threw my bike bottles in the air and demonstrated z middle fingers to the wind and the C….. Divide word.

All riders in place at the time were put in cars to get to the Deming hotel.?Our scheduled overnight in Columbus would not allow us into the town.

There was simply not enough day left to finish and take the 40 mile car ride to Deming.

The decision was made to stop riding Saturday and high tail it to El Paso to end.

The staff have been incredibly helpful in dealing with the logistics of the interruption.

I am high tailing it home with Flo Rida in a rental car. Dinner on the road was gas station delights.

Love to all, Be safe.


12 thoughts on “Rodeo to Deming

  1. Oh my dear Nan, we will welcome you home. So sorry you end up having to drive home – but probably much safer than flying. Please use paper towels to handle the gas pumps, then throw the paper towels away. We want you to come home safely.

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  2. Nan, the taste of C2C has you now. You know what it is like and wants more. It is in the doing of something grand that makes it so. Will catch up when you get home. All my heart. Peace out Tres dog

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  3. Nan, I’m glad I followed your blog. I’m also glad you got to experience the Painted Pony. My year, we rode the 3 miles from the pavement to the house. I am truly sorry that your adventure has ended before you got to St Augustine. Woman Tours also shut down. I hope we can meet in the future.
    Mark Van Raam

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  4. Nancy:

    The covered wagon & the tank-on-truck reminded me of the many collectible western & military miniatures I have been disposing of through silent auctions in IL & MI over the last two years!

    Lively pics & “sad” to see you in a winter jacket instead of the 92-degree weather your Bradenton place is featuring now.

    Love ya,


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