C2C Douglas to Rodeo

The sun came out, the wind was at our back and we had a smooth road to ourselves.

The snow in the mountains was beautiful.

Our lunch stop was at the Geronimo surrender monument.

The overnight is a hang glider resort in Rodeo. Along with the Desert museum that is the summary of Rodeo

Sorghum?? Looks like rhubarb.

Please when appropriate explore this incredible country we live in.

Love and safety to all,


3 thoughts on “C2C Douglas to Rodeo

  1. Dear Nancy, as a 2019 C2Coasters I had hoped to enjoy the ride through your eyes. I am personally saddened by the early termination of your ride and heartbroken for all of you and Bubba.

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    1. Thank you. Since we were in the Bubba bubble since 3/3 and just beamed up from the desert and mountains back home in a panic it is beyond surreal. I truly cannot fathom 6 more weeks of hourly awe. My goal is to get a little faster to enjoy more down time off the bike and hopefully try again if the world and Bubba are still around in the future. Ultimate respect to all who have completed this ride. Truly the most humbling thing I have done. I have done lots of running and Ironmans and this was my Mt. Everest. I appreciate you following. I do post when I find some unique adventure. Sooo how does this staycation thing work ??!!!


  2. Nancy:

    You surely missed out on being a calf roper!

    These pics are quite special–& you seemed to have been happily in the midst of everywhere that is beautiful & wild.

    Hmm, no foodie opts?


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