C2C Day 10 Tucson

We are riding East, eating well and missing lots of turmoil related to THE Virus. We talk about it for 10 seconds share anecdotes from home and change the subject to Bubba and staff’s superlative support and the extraordinary scenery all around. The weather is perfect. Restaurants are closing down right behind us and we pedal on. Latest update tonight is we are all set until El Paso at least and the chef is using a restaurant supply company to get food. Brilliant thinking on Bubba’s part.

Tonight camping again. Just saw/heard a few Gambel’s quail right next to my chair. It is on the ground left of center. Pic #2 is mine, hard to see. Pic 1 is google.

Above is our campground for the night. Very nice showers and some shade to chill out in. Temps are good the sun is really strong. Coming from a SW FL girl !

Split lunch with Elizabeth B my hotel share. Chicken lettuce wraps and burger with hash browns, bacon, fried egg on top. Including a 2 beverages $22. I am serious this is heaven. Here she is enjoying the yellow magnificence.We both have neon green bikes. Others may be jealous, we match our required safety vests !!

Above is a date sampler shipped home to FL from Dateland AZ. That was the night we woke up to a lake in the camp. The nan cave is in red.

The good thing about that day was things had only one direction to go.

Today we rode by the mother ship. Ice cream people you are intimate with this product.

The route was almost all smooth bike trails. You can ride 100 miles in Tucson all on bike trail. Here are some delights. A long stretch of plantings with memorials and blooming desert.

Here you go folks…..A ROADRUNNER!!! Beep Beep

If you have a problem with a 9 am shake 2 hours after a full breakfast, then C2C is not for you. Larry B living it up.

Tomorrow 3800’ climb to Tombstone. It’s a hotel day. Bubba says it’s all good. Remember to claim your clean laundry and cherish today.

Be well and sending love to all,


9 thoughts on “C2C Day 10 Tucson

  1. Omg blue Bell I ate a pint every day across Texas. Different flavor.
    Can’t buy it in the balmy midwest. We’ve got blue bunny.
    Great road runner beep beep!
    Ride strong stay healthy.

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  2. Gambel Quail are the coolest. Sounds like you all making it. Anne is the bomb. C2C 2016 has a famous rider who shall we say ate TOO much ice cream? Lactose intolerant now. FYI. Tucson is the best place to ride in America. Thanks for the ride. Peace out Tres dog

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  3. Beep-Beep Nancy:

    Superb glimpse of what you are eating & what you are seeing up front.

    I don’t know what that red pallet circle & that blue pallet circle was all about—bikers who have been injured or killed?

    (Wiley Cayote) Mike

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