C2C Tombstone AZ to Douglas AZ

We are riding towards El Paso to get end the tour. We need a bike shop to ship bikes and a major airport. Half the riders opted to backtrack to Tucson and disperse from there. The staff handled the logistics for both groups. The weather was blustery and gray.

In downtown Tombstone which was empty a tumbleweed blew across the dirt road.

We had fierce headwind for a hard uphill 23 mile ride to the Continental Divide. The rain started, it was cold. The riding was hard and slow.

The downhill to Bisbee for lunch was really torrential rain. After a lengthy stop at a great Vietnamese place 4 of us took off for Douglas.

The overnight was a restored hotel from 1907. we got hot baths and a delicious dinner and a tour of the hotel. The basement has tunnels to Mexico a speakeasy and upstairs a ghost.

3 more days to ride and the adventure ends

Be well,


2 thoughts on “C2C Tombstone AZ to Douglas AZ

  1. Wow, quite a difficult day with the headwind, the torrential rain, and an uphill climb. Only the hardiest of warriors would tackle this adventure. So proud of you and all the effort you have put into this C2C trip. So sorry that it has to end for you and the gang. But many memories to cherish along the way.

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