C2C Update Day 11 3/17/20

Our adventure will end Sunday in El Paso.
It not possible to move forward. Overnights are not open and many restaurants are not open. 3/17 started with a sign that the good times had already rolled through.

Thanks for following this journey that defies words.

Here is 3/17 recap. 73 miles Tucson to Tombstone. I am a bit numb and will cherish these last miles and every precious soul on this trip. The day was climb all morning have lunch and down/flat to Tombstone. We had headwind AM and tailwind PM. Lunch was fabulous.

The current plan is to ride Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and depart El Paso. Plans change by the day. We are at significant elevation (I am a TOTAL sea level girl) and climbing 3800 feet which takes me all day. My goal today is to ride consistently for another year and if the world /this ride still exists try this next year with a goal to have more down time.

The staff have been extraordinary and every 15 minutes there is a wonder of our country around the bend.

Feel my blessings for your continued health and peace.

2 antelope !

Love to all,


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