C2C Bonus Edition Tombstone

Today is 73 miles to Tombstone.

Here is info on Tombstone from the beloved staff Frances:

Day 11. Welcome to Tombstone, The Town Too Tough to Die!!

That was a sloppy copy from screenshots. It is 3 am I am still on EST and do not know my way around files on the iPhone. Sorry.

Today is 73 miles with 3800 feet climbing. This will take me ALL day. My photos and sag stops and sprinkling the bushes add up to a long day. I hope I get to the fun sights, Main St and Boothill cemetery before our rib eye dinner. I know. Here are glamour shots from Catalina with my eating partner Larry B.

Here are the hardest working kids in bike touring The Wolf Pack. They do a tremendous amount of heavy lifting, tent city up and down, luggage, air mattress filling, top offs etc etc etc. They sleep in the uhaul.

This is Joanne a staff member from Canada. She must go home now and hopefully not quarantine, her border is closing.

Do you think she is my beloved D’s doppelgänger ?

Thinking of all of you, feel the Bubba love and be safe.

Love from Tucson enroute to Tombstone.


497/2932 miles 10/52 Days

3 thoughts on “C2C Bonus Edition Tombstone

  1. Wow, so much going on! Hats off to the Wolf Pack….sleeping in the U-Haul! And sad to see the Canadian have to leave the trip. What a disappointment to her. Will be thinking of you today doing that 73 miles with 7300 foot climb! I can’t even imagine. All the gyms are closed here, so it’s outside to exercise. Going to do boot camp in the great outdoors this morning with our trainer. Trying to keep safe here. Love to you!

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