C2C Day 8 Catalina AZ

Today we left Casa Grande and rode 63 miles to Catalina State Park in Oro Valley AZ. The scenery was stunning. Most of the morning we headed towards Picacho Peak. There was some locally grown Pima cotton on the side of the road:

The depth and detail of the mountains just doesn’t capture in a photo. It is so fun to see a shape on the horizon and pedal for 2-3 hours and get up right next to it and see the details.

The sag stop was at a travel plaza with snacks and gifts and gourmet treats. This is NOT a joke.

The season and/or the heavy rain had things popping.

From the second sag stop it was a great ride toward the Catalina mountains and a bike path with blooms everywhere.

This lonely little water tower was a leg stretch break. It has a stories to tell I bet.

Did you know they did a second biosphere ? Is that a good virus hunker place ? We are continuing East self contained spending almost all time outside and are healthy. Anyone with a symptom is taken for a check. Fresh air sunshine and lots of sanitizer.

Another set of mountains provided the afternoon delight

How about this blooming desert !!! Terry Lisa recently passed too soon is with me every mile in spirit.

The bike path to the camp was breathtaking.

The campground is right next to the mountains with trails and views everywhere. Today I hope to hike to the waterfall, after a Chiro visit and massage.

Hey this mileage is courtesy of Dr C and Ms Dana, my structural engineers back home.

Glamping Bubba style

Ann the chef continues to provide a feast all day. Last night was Middle Eastern with ice cream sundaes with a 5 gallon bucket of real whipped cream. Today a rest day is rumored to be over the top. I am posting this a bit late there is very little signal here.

A few days ago in Dateland
Perfection today

Life is good however I will pass on the scorpion candy. This post has taken 14 hours to upload sooooo here is a sample of brunch. No worries lunch is in 2 hours.

All is well here, love to all, Thank you for following.


15 thoughts on “C2C Day 8 Catalina AZ

  1. Simply beautiful! I must admit, I finally had to Google what a SAG stop is (Support And Gear). So I learned something new today. Glad you didn’t eat the insect candy; doesn’t look too appetizing. Onward and forward!

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  2. The variety and cactus shapes are so cool! Looks like pretty wildflowers…poppy and bluebells?
    We had a great 50 mike ride with some of the gang to Withlacoochee, thought of you and how you are doing that every day and more!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just catching up after driving from 7:30am until midnight with a break for a short hike…. great job on the pics! I’m guessing you are Happy with decision for this amazing endeavor?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nothing like the beauty of where you are biking to take the minds of the rest of us off having to be quasi-self-quarantined at home for the duration of covid-19.

    Most gorgeous flowers—hope you didn’t get your tent wet; food looks nourishing as always.

    Hey, Cat-alina—go, go go!

    Liked by 1 person

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