C2C Bonus Day 9 Catalina

Today is a rest day in Oro Valley. The local Chiropractor and massage therapist are tip top notch. If you are in this area and need a tuneup here you go.


Brunch was wow.

Lunch was wow.


At lunch there was a speaker from a non profit that is harvesting back yard fruit and surplus and educating/ assimilating immigrants from Africa. We tried cactus buds, pomelo, Meyer lemon and on and on.

Chef Ann is to the right. New Mexico and Texas we are headed your way and are hungry all day please leave something on the shelf for Ms. Ann.

Here are some shots of the view, I believe that is the waterfall. It’s too hot to walk there now but I had great intentions.

Is this heaven ? No it’s Iowa, oooops Arizona.

Almost time to eat again. Getting a massage, buying butt powder and cleaning a chain is hard work. Look at Flo Rida in her Sunday best.

Make it your best day and take care.

Love to all,


2 thoughts on “C2C Bonus Day 9 Catalina

  1. Everything looks tip-top! Love the camping tents, the food, the scenery, and of course the great company along the journey. Thanks for bringing us along. Onward and forward.

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