C2C Day 7 Casa Grande

Today was Gila Bend to Casa Grande.

The sunrise

It was a beautiful ride through the Sonora Desert. The suguaro cactus is enchanting. I want to hug one and bring one home.

I had a slow slog to sag 1. After a PB pickle with chips my pep picked up. The long downhill and authentic Mexican lunch helped put the burners on to finish in Casa Grande. Our campground is flooded so we are at a hotel 3 to a room in Casa Grande. Since I was bringing up the rear today not too many pics.

Sad face Beth got a flat. Her pal Shannon has had 3. Well it is Friday the 13th.

Coming into town the rain picked up to the point of cars making 6 foot waves in the puddles over our heads. Then the hail started. Our little gang of 3 Larry electric B, Tom Vermont and I have memories that will last a lifetime. There were hugs and tears by me. Men on e bikes do not cry.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. This rain and the virus has us inside out.

Here are the local facts from staff info expert Frances :

According to historian David Leighton, during World War II, from 1942 to 1945, a Japanese-American relocation camp was set up outside of Casa Grande, known as the Gila River War Relocation Center. Two notable people that were interned there were future actor Pat Morita and baseball player Kenichi Zenimura, who constructed a baseball field and set up a league in the relocation camp.

During the Cold War, Casa Grande was the location of the Corona Satellite Calibration Targets. These targets consisted of concrete arrows located in and to the south of the city, which calibrated satellites of the Corona spy program.

The economy of Casa Grande was historically based on rural, agricultural industries such as cotton and dairy farms. Over time, the city has become home to many Phoenix or Tucson urbanites who own homes in Casa Grande. Most residents either commute north to work in the Phoenix metropolitan area, or to the south, to work in Tucson. This trend has contributed to growth in the service industry of Casa Grande. Many new businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, and retail outlets are opening throughout the city in order to keep up with demand from the growing population.– 

Love to all

Hug a cactus, Cherish today.


My best biker buddy Larry “I have a motor” B

13 thoughts on “C2C Day 7 Casa Grande

  1. The adventure continues! The cacti shots are great ….. wishing you dry, smooth rolling tomorrow! I enjoy and look forward to your daily report 😊

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  2. I love the saguaro cacti. When I saw them in real life they look like many hands sticking up from the ground with their fingers pointing upward. Fascinating plants! Sorry that you are still getting the rain. Hope the hotel is a little respite for you. Onward and forward. We are holding down the fort here in Florida for you!

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  3. There will be days like these. No worries. Ride, Eat, Sleep and Repeat. Killing Vinny on Van Fleet Trail tomorrow. big Peace out. T dog C2C 2016

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  4. The rain and hail don’t sound too fun! I love saguaros too, but no hugging!! Watch out for those cholla cacti too. I hear they’re nasty!Safe Travels! I’m loving the pictures!

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  5. You adventure is starting to resemble the worst weather in C2C history 2019. Just make the best of it and hope it all changes as you travel down the road.

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  6. Nancy:

    Wow—what pristine & rugged terrain!!—but no food to salivate over this time?

    I wondered who the young girl was whose face pops up twice in an orange shirt.

    They ask: “How will you ever return to the farm once you have seen Paree?”—meaning, anything after all the glorious stuff will seem so plebian & boring.

    I hope you’ll be able happily to ratchet down when you land in Tampa eventually.

    Due to the covid-19, all schools, churches, sports events, St. Pat’s marches, etc., are canceled till further notice in Chicago & suburbs.


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  7. The tough keep going pedal power rules and all those cheerleading quips!!!
    It sounded like a 13th kind of day for you all.
    As Scarlet would say. Tomorrow is another day 🤗🤗🙏🙏😘😘

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