C2C Day 6 Gila Bend

We had a rainy night camping in Dateland.

We hit the soggy road and I tried my new Showers Pass rain gear and it is terrific.

It was a roadside Marvel. Shannon had flat #3 and Coach the mechanic was ON it.

Today we rode on the I-8 shoulder for 35 miles out of the 53 total.

Lunch was WOW

Into the magnificent KOA overnight I saw the world’s largest steer. He was SITTING down.

The campground has cactus and great Mountain View’s.

For those new to bike touring here you go:

The food aspect is a Bubba pamper touch courtesy of Chef Ann.

We had a great lecture by a local professor Steve Bass that also bikes and runs across the USA.

After this great presentation and I had posted I had a complete mattress fai lure that was made right in the blink of an eye and the most spectacular lightning display imaginable started. It was sensational. The sound of the pouring rain was intoxicating in my third try at a dry tent. The wolf pack fellow gave me his and slept in the U haul.

Here is a quote from rider Tom toothpick S

Rain, thunder & lightning. And we’re in tents. And we’re intense.

Life is good.

Tomorrow onward East to Casa Grande.

Love to all, Live your dreams.


10 thoughts on “C2C Day 6 Gila Bend

  1. Wonderful pictures! We are riding along with you in our hearts and in our mind’s eye, taking in the scenery and food as we go! Live your life, my friend!

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  2. Nancy:

    I’m glad that you are NOT one the “5 old crabs” living in the desert.

    Your tour looks more like a community-on-wheels than a single biker’s trek.

    Thanks be to God that your daily exercise is wearing off all those gorgeous calories obtained by such delicious-looking repasts.


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  3. I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. But I’m enjoying your blogging. Keep up the good work, ridin’ and bloggin’. Geepa (Bubba knows who I am.)

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  4. Stupendous. NaN you are the best. The photos of the water and then the flowers along the way😘
    The food Glorious!!!
    Stay warm. Dry and safe
    ❤️ Me!

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