C2C Day 2 Jacumba Hot Springs

Today we rode Alpine CA to Jacumba 46 miles with 5000’ vertical. The first 18 miles I averaged a robust 7 mph. It was beautiful. The second most beautiful was the sag stop at mile 18. I did copy the Dutch rider Ruud and “take a coffee and apple pie “ at mile 17.5. He sprinted up the road and suggested I ride on the smoother part of the road. I must have been weaving with hallucinations of a PB and pickle tortilla. After a wonderful refresh with lots of snacks the second half of the ride was great. We rode through Pine Valley and for the All My Children Soap Opera fans-we heard Erica Kane is on her 23rd marriage. Earlier on Elizabeth B and I chatted up a fellow driving the Southern Tier from Alaska. We found out how to ferry from WA to Skagway and tent on the boat and bike at each stop.

Oh Bless her heart !!! Georgia Peach Beth had a tire malfunction and got road angel magic. They are officially in the adventure log now ! Sunny skies, great views, downhills and the world’s best roadside sub. It was a sweet chunk of road. John and Rick and anonymous got the glamor shot today.

Below is a pic of our Chef Ann. Every bite is Amazing.

Here is the 411 on the area from our tour guide staff member.

Pine Valley 

Pine Valley is named for the locally unique strand of Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi) found along Pine Valley Creek, a seasonal drainage in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains in central San Diego County.


The Kumeyaay peoples occupied the Jacumba area prior to European settlement. They were probably attracted by the warm Jacumba hot spring (temperature 104 °F), one of many mineral hot springs in this area. Ranchers occupied the area in the 19th century.

Around the turn of the 20th century, the health and relaxation benefits of natural hot springs began to be commercialized. The Jacumba hot spring is prolific and delivered enough water to fill large public baths, the remains of which can still be seen. The water contains sulfur but has a pleasant clean smell. In 1919 rail service connected Jacumba to San Diego. By 1925 the town had a world class hotel, the Hotel Jacumba. In the 1930s, Jacumba had developed into a top destination and had a population of about 1,150. Many of the foremost movie stars and celebrities of the time regarded Jacumba as a prime destination for relaxation.

Jacumba’s role as a prime destination continued through World War II; however as the southernmost California hot spring, it began to feel competition from more northern ones, including Murrieta and Palm Springs.After the new Interstate 8 bypassed Jacumba by two miles, most of the roadside service businesses folded and the community went into economic decline.

The Jacumba Hotel closed and was destroyed in an arson fire in 1983. The ruins stouod until 1991.Today, the stub of the massive central fireplace can still be seen. The great public baths closed, the swimming pool was filled in, and the well was capped by its rights-owner.

In the 1980s, the Jacumba Motel was the only hotel facility left in Jacumba. However, the area continues to attract primarily foreign visitors and the motel has acquired rights to the spring and opened a spa. In 2002 the facility was sold with the intent of renovating it into a timeshare spa type resort. In 2006 it was resold and setup as a bed and breakfast. The facility was closed from 2010 to 2013.After a complete renovation, it was re-opened on June 28, 2013.It is in operation as the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Motel.

Coming into town we saw THE WALL up close. The overnight hotel has a hot spring and a perfect bartender.

A few overflow riders were housed at the Clothing Optional resort down the road. It was a very chilly afternoon so there were no takers for volleyball :))) it was exhilarating day with full clothes and pampering. Life is good.

Thanks for following,

Love to all.


11 thoughts on “C2C Day 2 Jacumba Hot Springs

  1. Pretty awesome! Be kerr-full and watch out for the margin of hazzard. The views must evoke inspiration and adrenaline. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s ride. Sweet dreams!

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  2. What beautiful views! Can’t believe you actually saw THE WALL! Love the pictures, the stories, the food, the news of the day. Looks like fun in that hot tub!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There’s a house surrounded by a short rock wall about a mile before the Jacumbia motel. That’s where I changed my one and only flat tire in 2018.

    Did anyone stay at the ‘clothing optional’ place a few miles down the road? Interesting place, out in the middle of nowhere.

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