C2C Pre Ride Day 3

Today is registration and info meetings and eating for the day. The host hotel is adjacent to the San Diego River and there is a lovely estuary. The host hotel Ocean Villa Inn is a mini botanical garden with identifiers. Lots of great things from Africa etc. Sorry FL people some of these are a big yawn for you, however we have a few readers from the cold north. The succulents here are fascinating.

Brunch was at a Hawaiian place. Nutty Blue pancake and the Ed burrito. Home Run.

Rumors have started around the trip that I am “The Runner and the blogger.” Oh if they only knew it is more like power walker and picture posting.

Since folks on the trip are following that means three things from now on.

1. No exaggerating 2. Learn rider names. 3. Be courteous. I guess that is where the comment box comes in. A place to report fake news. If the Russians are listening in ……can you ride the uphills for me please.

In the spirit of opening minds to infinite possibilities, here is a PSA from my way back bike tour pal Henry. 6 days ago Henry decided to do this trip. This will be his third. He has not touched a bike since October, wants to lose 15 lbs and brought 3 new seats. Please join me in prayer for his personal areas. Henry has permission from his wife to go halfway across so cross your fingers there is clearance from home and enough butt cream to go all the way.

Thanks for following enjoy the pics, dream big and be courteous.

Love to all,


9 thoughts on “C2C Pre Ride Day 3

  1. Your blog posts are so precious and full of life and spirit! Yes, the succulents out there are so very interesting and prolific. That breakfast looks AMAZING! Prayers on the way for your friend, Henry. Guardian angels being sent out for all of you. Onward and forward!

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  2. Such a wonderful, positive post. Know that I am following you and all on the trip and praying for no injuries and wonderful bonding experiences for all. Fly like the wind on your trip! So excited for you.

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  3. I loved all the flowers especially the field of bright purple blue stasis
    The pancake looked delish too
    I would never be able to remember everyone’s name
    Easy Does It
    Pedal Power
    Love and prayers

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  4. Nancy:

    Nothing like beginning your trek with the photo of the “doodle-bugs”—VW vans in the 1970’s.

    Then, “in your face”: your nose was into so many beautiful flowers.

    Of course, the part I like especially is the FOOD!

    So glad that your T-Shirt tells your “back-home” location: Bradenton-Sarasota.

    Don’t get too bored when you return home; Joel & JACK WILLIAM are scheduled to visit (along with Mara?) y’all at the end of March.

    Luv ya


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