C2C Pre ride Bonus

Here are a few last minute thoughts before we start the big ride East. Thanks again for following. I am doing the trip with a small iPhone -no tablet. Forgive my typos and context errors. This will be my best effort which when it comes to tech and typing is abysmal. Nuf said.

The genesis of riding across the USA rests entirely on my very oldest/best friend Harriet. One summer night on Hinman Ave. in Evanston IL we rode bikes up and down 1 block to make 10 miles b/c we were bored. It was fun so There you have it.

At the rider meeting we had a great view of the ocean and the exact spot where Lifeguard service was invented. You can read the plaque for the story.

The rider introductions were inspiring. 3 stood out. Becky who is vision impaired, the almost 83 year old gentlemen and the effervescent Marina. Marina is in between jobs, signed up to live her dream was not exactly trained up and declared “I better make it ready !!!” I love all of it.

The little bike acting as a Flat Stanley is from my birthday cake. My M dot girls in Bradenton Mel, Michele, Martha and of course my beloved Big D.

Larry B from Texas and I are creating some great maxims. Marina won yesterday. Here are a few more: 1. No one looks good in spandex. 2. If the hill has a name…..watch out. 3. Ride Day 1 like you want to ride Day 52. 4. Nothing ruins a good ride more than going fast.

Special thanks to Tom G for coming to the roll out and capturing it on film. We go way back from teaching and coaching and riding and carpooling each other while he had a new hip (twice :(( and I got a new heel). There are no coincidences. Life gives us exactly what we need.

Celebrate one mile at at time and make it an amazing life.

Love to all,


Adios for now, time to hit the road

17 thoughts on “C2C Pre ride Bonus

  1. I can’t imagine what you are feeling…. I hope it is all you have dreamed it would be….! Picture of you in the Pacific Ocean is amazing!


  2. Nancy – have a great experience. I would say to enjoy every day, but I can already tell that you will. The easy, beautiful days are impossible not to enjoy, and the hard, gloomy days are challenges that become adventures, and with the right attitude you end up enjoying those days as well because of the accomplishment.

    By the way, when I did this ride with Bubba in 2018, I posted to a blog every day with nothing but a cell phone. I brought a tablet with me, but never used it. So you will do great with just your phone and you’ll appreciate the ease of not having two devices. (Just make sure you always keep the phone fully charged.).

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  3. Thinking of you all the time as you embark on your once in a lifetime adventure 🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️

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  4. I was in the 2018 C2C group. I blogged every day, regardless of how I felt. There were some days I didn’t feel like it but I knew the folks back home were looking forward to my stories. I only used my cell phone; no pad or computer. The only limiting factor was decent wifi or cell service. So you can do it with only a phone.

    Good luck, have fun, and don’t try to be the first one in every day. Enjoy the moment. Geepa.

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  5. Thanks.for taking the time to tell us about your ride. Will look forward to reading about the highlights (and hopefully not too many lowmpoints). Enjoy the ride. Remember when your going up that massive mountain a great descent will await you 😁

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  6. I have the jitters just thinking of your big take off day! We have been talking about your trip each ride and sharing info with those who are following your blog. I know you were ready and prepared, mentally and physically but we are still cheering for you!

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  7. The excitement in the air is felt all the way back here at the finish line! We are rooting for you. Thank you SOOO much for taking us along with you on your trip. Your blog posts are fantastic! Much love to you and the rest of the team.

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  8. Another Maxim-The most fun people are near the back of the pack.
    Sending prayers for everyone’s safe travels. Enjoy!
    Tom and Toni
    2012 “Coasters” from Michigan

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  9. Nancy:

    Hold those horses!—we’re just delightfully inundated with all the recent ADVENTURES.

    The one photo I like most was seeing you turn “21” on your Birthday!

    Love ya,


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