C2C San Diego Pre Ride Day 1

Today was a bucket list day exploring Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Mission Bay, and Mission Beach. My old friend and colleague Tom and wife Barb were perfect hosts and tour guides.

To say the bike riding is stunning is vastly understated. While ogling a drop dead view of the San Diego skyline and miles of ocean we met a couple checking out the area for possible relocation. Our advice was simple: Life is too short to be cold. They were from Minnesota.

Upon returning to the hotel, I bumped into Henry a Bike Wisconsin tour legend. We met 10 years ago and have ridden 5 or 6 1 week tours together. He committed to this 6 days ago and this is his third C2C. The good times will roll for sure.

I wandered back to Bernie’s Bikes (here is a picture of the size of the shop) to check that the bike case I borrowed was picked up by Fed Ex. Answer: No. Hopefully my phone calls to shake things up did the trick. Glad I left a few days for these shenanigans. I had a great time people watching while doing phone calls to Shipbikes.

On the street corner in Ocean Beach eating pizza slices were surfers in wetsuits. Auntie Em we are sure not in Kansas anymore.

The adjacent farmer’s market was a feast for all senses. Flo Rida has a ball posing with the vendors. The bakery items were of course gluten free. Dinner was a tough choice between a burger at Hodad’s with a side of license plates or pizza and a Hawaiian Honey Blonde.

Life is beyond good, the surf is rolling and in 2 more days we head east.

Thanks for following and belief in adventure Love to all, NW

11 thoughts on “C2C San Diego Pre Ride Day 1

  1. Oh my dear Nancy, your photos and story inspire me to no end. Your excitement, your experiences and your zest for life are all just delicious to my heart! You live your life fully and effervescently! I wish I could be there with you to see your send-off for the C2C. I can’t even imagine your friend doing his THIRD C2C!! What a way to live life. My heart carries your heart. Follow your bliss, my friend!


  2. Nancy, thank you for allowing us to follow and share your experiences on this c2c journey. You are an amazing athlete and an inspiration to all. I look forward to your posts. Have fun and be safe.

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