C2C Pre ride Day 2 San Diego

Today was another dream day pre ride enjoying San Diego. I actually followed a route created yesterday on a Garmin and found the destination and got myself back to where I started. Believe in miracles.

Along the beach came a C2C staffer Johanna a prolific biker who has crossed the USA and Canada multiple times. We have had some good chats so far. I made it up the 1200’ vert in 4 miles to the monument. The views are outstanding. The tide was almost out so the tide pools were almost ready to explore.

In the flower picture to the lower left of the orange are pods that look like little snap peas. These things are interesting at 2 miles an hour climbing up the road.

The Ft Rosecrans cemetery is the second largest military resting place. Thank you all for your service.

There was a model shop for the fleet and the model moth ball area was so cool.

Not sure the photo captured it -The road home looked like it was going off a cliff. Think San Francisco cable car. Note to Floridans this is why parking brakes exist.

Bonus points to you readers for identifying the flags behind the Bubba banner.

Lunch was….. amazing and huge. Henry from the previous 2 tours said he lost 15 lbs while eating everything. If you are not sure if this is a biker blog or a food blog, that makes 2 of us.

Tomorrow is logistics, meetings and I am sure more eating. I appreciate all the new followers and your comments and support. As we move forward most of the day will be on the bike so understand I will keep posting might not be able to respond to all of your messages.

Put California on your travel list sooner than later.

Love to all,


8 thoughts on “C2C Pre ride Day 2 San Diego

  1. I was going to guess the flags as USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Croatia. I guess I was wrong. Looks like a wonderful day for you. And yes, the California coastline is like no other. It is totally amazing! So glad you are getting to enjoy it.

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