Delayed Post Spacecoast 26.2 ‘19

We are a bit tardy on this post since there is a big time adventure in the works. Stay tuned for the coast to coast (USA) bike trip coming soon.

For the seventh year in a row we followed the advice of Michele V wrangled up a few pals from Europe and attended the Spacecoast Marathon weekend. It never disappoints.

The party began with a great night kayak outing to experience bioluminescence in the Indian River lagoon. This is a spectacular sight and who knew only a few places on the planet have it ? Sparkling water and glowing globes you can pick up. Wow Mother Nature WOW. It doesn’t photograph well but if you are curious google up an image.

Saturday while enjoying the fishing pier and tiki bar I saw a reason to stay out of the water.

Those are 6′ sharks . There were a few dozen surfers about 50 feet away. Glad this weekend was a run NOT a triathlon.

The race was a success with lots of happy finishers and even a best time by Katja B.

It is obvious that the best part of the weekend is celebrating at the finish line and playing in the waves.

We adore our Bradenton running pals and ESPECIALLY our European friends Little Debbie and Katja.

Enjoy today and swim if you dare !

Love to all,


2 thoughts on “Delayed Post Spacecoast 26.2 ‘19

  1. Bioluminescence to U, Nancy!

    Just a wonderful record of aqua-fun.

    Sorry about the low 50’s in Tampa this past week—make sure it’s much warmer when Joel, JACK WILLIAM & Mara visit in March, OK?

    LUV ya!

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