Dearly Beloved. Gears are shifting here in the nanadventure planet. If you are bored silly reading about running in this blog this is your day. My new companion is Flo Rida. You can puzzle on the pun, it is courtesy of Michele V who is far more clever than most of us.

The next big thing is a crossing of the USA by bike. The route will be the southern tier from San Diego to St. Augustine FL. Departure is early March. The trip is supported and truthfully they had me at the word chef.

My new best friends are the SMBC bikers. Above are the views from Ft. Hamer on the Tuesday ride. If you see Flo and I around Bradenton on the scarce safe biking roads give a toot and toss me some water and sunscreen.

To prepare for low tech days during the camping days of the trip I ask that you please FOLLOW the blog to get the updates for nanadventure.

Much obliged and know you are appreciated and give purpose for me to keep pushing the envelope of activity and groan…..learning new tech skills.

Yesterday I spent 4 hours trying to upload a route to this new concept called a bike GPS. If you find me somewhere deep in the Everglades after a wrong turn, please call Debbie.

Make it a great day.

Love to all,


One thought on “FLO RIDA

  1. Dear “Flo”:

    I’m VERY impressed that you’ll do the bike-across-America excursion next year!

    Sounds overwhelming to me but just par for you!

    You could also blog for “Sarah-Sota” or “Tammy-Pa” or “Bradenton-Bunch.”

    LUV ya,



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