Maine Marathon

State 47 Maine was a few hours after state 46 in New Hampshire. The early start had a great sunrise over the cove. In addition they even blasted some great music to send the velocity impaired on our merry way. The route was beautiful and the fall colors got better by the hour. My “run” efforts were unsuccessful in passing the robust walkers. Something about accepting the things you cannot change was in order. The first groups of regular starters came flying through and I got an education on running tangents. This strategy was also the purpose of the green line laser used the following weekend when the male world record was broken. And of course a shout out also to the female world record broken in Chicago the next day. This of course proves the secret powers of a good deep dish pizza.

Back in Portland ME Julia G came through with a great pace group right on time. Question for the pacers: does your arm get tired from holding up the sign ?

In the last few years it is possible to accomplish many states in multi day series with generous time limits. Wonderful news. An observation regarding this is the party in the back of the pack at larger events has disappeared ! I miss the good chats and laughs with my peeps. My headphone free policy stands !

At a late mile there was an angel with pickles. Magic stuff. My tank was empty from the two days of running but that was a great boost. The skies got dark, the wind picked up and temps dropped.

Hank the other angel came back on the route in the late miles to say hurry up before the chocolate milk and pizza are gone at the finish line. There is the first half of the marathon: miles 0-22 and the second half: miles 22-26.2. It felt extra good to stop, get warm sweats on and put on sandals.

The previous day in NH there was a runner in a ketchup costume and lucky me, I had a photo shoot with the mustard version in Maine. Congrats on your first double Brian. (Insert condiment joke here.)

That is fake smile at mile 22. Skies had darkened, temps were down, the tank was below empty and wind was up but heck it’s a marathon not a cake walk.

Hank my running husband is local in N. Berwick so the post race meal was authentic and delicious. Chowder and fish sandwich at Billy’s on the estuary in Wells.

Check it off-46-47. It was a great fall weekend in a wonderful part of the states. Next up is 48 Atlantic City NJ.

There are no short cuts to any place worth going. -B.Sills