Bristol NH

New England fall colors ? Yes please.

This trip got off to the best start when I caught a quick visit with the best co workers Linda and Kath. These gals are gold.

My 46th running state was New Hampshire in early October. Quick ! Sign me up. New England is really wonderful and what could be more fun than running all day in the colors ?

The trip started in the capitol Concord. The building is the size of a small elementary school with lots of history. I was mesmerized by the regiment flags from various conflicts, primarily the Civil War.

Early the next day Hank on the Hill and I got the band back together and took it out n the road for a Bristol NH and Portland ME double the next day.

Someone was fired up to light this candle !

This was mile 21.

The route was hilly, conditions were perfect and there was an early date with a start line the next day in Portland ME. It was a great day to run and a beautiful route. I love fall colors and pretty lakes-who doesn’t ? . After just returning from great open water swimming in AZ the lake looked extremely inviting to take an October dip.

After inhaling some pizza and a chocolate milk elixir it was off to Maine.

Hank picked up packets, chef Nan wrangled take out, bags were repacked and in a few short hours the start line in Portland was open for business.

Here are a few more fall shots to get you through to spring flowers.

Thank you for following the blog and the 50 state journey. New England ! Amazing.

Love to all,

Get out there-winter is coming and Game of Thrones is not. 😉


6 thoughts on “Bristol NH

  1. Dear Nancy:

    OK, so Bernie Sanders is no longer the “center of attraction” in NH?

    But, hey, by your running there you’ve succeeded in displacing all the other Democratic Presidential candidates, too.

    Naturally, we are able to appreciate Fall, having spent so much of our lives in the Midwest.

    Keep up the great outdoors spirit!

    Mike ☺

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