Lake Powell Strel Swim

A few of the gang that swam in Croatia and a few new adventure seekers decided to do the  Strel Lake Powell trip. Wow. This is one of the most unique places on the planet, extremely vast and very remote with amazing swimming and hiking.

I believe the videos give a clue about the huge scale of the geography and the height of the canyons. Merely leaving the marina there was a feature similar to Devil’s Tower in WY that appeared miniature.

After a morning swim in Cathedral Canyon and a perfect lunch, we hiked to Rainbow Bridge. This is only reachable by a 50 mile (one way)  boat ride or a 4 day hike with no available water. This was carved by water. WOW.

Our guide Nina and #1 fun seeker Sherry were the winning combo on Day 3. Disney is calling but we have more Strel trips to take so they will have to wait.

Ann K, Dee R, Nan, Sherry

The swimming was great with some long time friends and some wonderful new additions to the posse.


In Cathedral Canyon. After swimming in the wide sunny red rock:

our guide directed us down a narrow slot canyon.

Nan and Paula enjoying a life lesson in saying YES

This my friends is the reason to say yes. You have heard it here: the time to get to your bucket list is while you still can.

All the credit to Sherry below for finding these Strel swimming adventures.

How about this dinosaur track !

The afternoon swim was in Cascade Canyon and it was beautiful.

The forecast called for very high winds on day 2 and they delivered, resulting in a no swim day. We thoroughly enjoyed 2 great hikes to Toadstool in Grand Staircase Escalante, a tour of Glen Canyon Dam and a hike to Horseshoe Bend.

After another great lunch we had a look at Glen Canyon Dam:

The dam is a tiny bit smaller than the Hoover dam produces power from the Colorado River. Of course the dam has created Lake Powell, which is massive stretching north for 158 miles.

Our final activity was a hike to Horeshoe Bend. Another jaw dropping place.

Sandstorm or desert couture……you decide.

The next day was picture perfect for swimming. The destination was Navajo Canyon

At the red sand beach the lunchtime entertainment was a mermaid sighting.

September was a great time to visit as the temps were reasonable,  and crowds were down. I will share with you that the vast majority of the folks touring this area (lots of great National Parks close by) were from outside the USA. The best favor you can do for yourself and personal enrichment is to get out and see this country. It is amazing in so many ways. What natural site have you been to that pops up as a must see ? Shoot me a message about where your favorite wonders are located.

We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong

Sending love to all,