Juneau Marathon 7/27/19

50 State crew ready to run. Vincent M, Paula B, Nan W, Steve B, Tom and Brigid M.

Although Juneau is more time consuming  to reach than Anchorage this is a great smaller race to experience the more authentic Alaska. The views are great and the race  uses almost all the paved road on Douglas Island. The weather changes by the minute so we had a bit of everything, fortunately not too much rain. One of the lead runners did spot a bear near the creek running with salmon at mile 9.  There was a post race meal of bbq salmon and the time limit was over 7 hours if needed. The medal and shirt were keepers.

The little grey bump is a porcupine


The Dingwells finishing their 50th state !
Huge beach next to start area on the Gastineau Channel


Here is an example of the scale of the landscape. Next to the race paring lot is the beach. I guess it would take a 20 minute walk to the water edge.

Looking across the Gastineau  Channel towards Juneau
The Dingwells celebrating their 50th with Paula Boone and the monkey.
#45 Round 2 for NW


Who came first ?-the skis or the house ? !!!

I really enjoyed the event and of course the landscape, the animals, the cool temps. There was great food  and  plenty of space  to be awed and avoid the cruise ship crowds. However the advantage to  being a cruise port there were many epic excursions. Whale watching, kayaking to a glacier, hiking on a glacier, bear watching, salmon running, fishing for the big ones, eagle watching, zip line, mountain top  tram lift, bike rides, hikes, you name it. Even as a quick weekend trip I saw a great deal, got off the beaten path a bit  and enjoyed every minute.

P1200540P1200534 (2)


The micro climates are abundant going from rain forest to massive old growth, glacier, meadows, beach, snow, alpine in close proximity. The rain drops on this bush look like crystal beads.

This is near Governor Gruening’s cabin where I initially went to see salmon and perhaps bear. There were both. The fisherman saw Momma and cubs so prudence won the day.


Nugget Falls at Mendenhall Glacier

Salmon on the hatchery ladder



Just go. An observation repeated more than once is that folks wait too long to get here and the challenge of the trip is …too challenging. Alaska is big, it takes effort to get there, experience it and allow the senses to take it all in. Plus- it is melting pretty quickly.  Dream it, book it, make it happen. It is not even necessary to run a marathon !



DRINK IN THE WILD AIR.      – R.W. Emerson.

Love to all,



8 thoughts on “Juneau Marathon 7/27/19

  1. So true. My mother was so enchanted by our trip to Alaska last year. She still raves about it, and that she wishes she’d gone when she was younger.

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  2. WOW!

    U R truly a world-traveler—great shots.

    Think of all the $$$ you save me as you send these fantastic photos from so far away back to me “in my arm chair.”

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