Victoria BC

Enjoy these highlights of Victoria. It it is interesting and charming little piece of British and Canadian pride. Dignified, and respectful in all ways. To be honest I had a big case of citizenship remorse after this visit.

The below is a real person. He enjoyed hugs and high fives. I loved his benevolence wafting in his airspace.

There was a large and interesting Chinatown. Vegans take note there is a tea house just for you ! Lots of cool alleyways to explore.

Below was a very prominent recognition for Emily Carr. Woman, celebrator of the a Indigenous, nature and animal lover and world famous artist. I found it fascinating that this was placed on the most prominent corner of the city in front of a government building. Don’t you think in the USA it would be a general on a horse with a few skeletons in the closet ? Call me a skeptic but Canada just felt so gentle.

Queen Victoria looking good with a great garden. It’s good to be the Queen to paraphrase Mel Brooks (History of the World).

Terry’s story is inspiring and keeps many folks active in running and supporting great causes.

Below is the Salish Sea. Here is a map to get oriented. So many great places to explore in that area.

There was a great fountain/monument with the seal of approval for each province and territory. The animal tongues were so playful. Oh boy 13 more great places to visit. Oh Canada we shed our grace on thee.

My home girl Big D and her partner in adventure Beth V drank the kool aid and booked tix immediately to see the sights.

Dream it, Do it.

Click below for a nudge.


Love to all,


6 thoughts on “Victoria BC

  1. So, so beautiful! Charles and I have seriously thought of moving to Canada to live in a kinder, gentler country. I understand your citizenship remorse. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

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  2. Your High-ness (Queen Vickie):

    Thanks for letting me see on the map just how far you were from where Mara originally got her wings: Olympia WA.

    Another GREAT set of photos & interesting blurbs along the way.


    LUV ya,

    Mike McC.


  3. Victoria is so pretty, great photos, like the one of Queen Victoria and the cup of tea. And I like this one, “Dreams to made possible if you try”. Thanks for your time and work, so we all can see a little bit what you a seeing.

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