Totem Poles

One of the delights of visiting the PNW was seeing lots of great totem poles. If there was a plaque to explain the depictions the artistry came alive.

Part of my initial limited experience out west in the US has been a dissonance of the Native story v. the white man’s version. I appreciated the Canadian verbiage of terms First Nations, Indigenous.

Here is a discussion of terminology I am sure the PC and lesbians among us are breathing a sigh. Not bashing, just trying to be a kool kid in both clubs ;).

So back to the totems. I could easily go back and just do a half day on the totems in Victoria. Pretty good for a tourist with the attention span of an ant.

Here is a launch link ( Scroll a bit to get to the meat) for learning more about the totems. Does your area have any on display ? What a great monument for even a small park.

Totem pole info starter kit

Make it a great day, hopefully grow a bit in appreciation of those here first, and for gosh sakes get out and play.

Love to you and the Firsts,


One thought on “Totem Poles

  1. After reading this most interesting blog, I know for sure that your ancestry is definitely POLISH!

    Especially good was the attachment on the meaning, etc. of poles.

    Thanks for your pics, too!

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