Poo Poo Trail

Could not resist this trail given the name. A very nice front desk lady at the hotel insisted that obtaining trekking poles and enjoying the hike and views was essential. I had a very rare blank day with no must do sights and perhaps a bit of rest after chugging 26 miles downhill the day before. REI kindly provided trekking poles and off I went on a mid day hike up to Poo Poo Point.

The name is from the sound of the train from the valley. Once you cross the Rockies choo choo is so yesterday.

The forest was beautiful and the moisture was enhanced by a full head to toe sweat. This puppy was straight up. Since I enjoy trekking poles on flat trail to poke for the rocks and roots determined to create a face plant, I was a pig in mud.

At the top what I thought were beautiful clouds were views of Rainier. Massive !

On the other side of the top was a paragliding launch. What a thrill to watch the folks just lift the para and fly away. The landings at the bottom were magnificent too. There was a fellow at the top who had owned one educated me in the nuances.

Clearly my friend in living large Michele V will be trying this sooner than later. It must be fun since the guided tandems featured no screaming.

So the up hike felt good and was a leg stretcher. The down was comical as those muscles were somewhere on the all downhill rail trail at Snoqualmie from Sunday’s marathon. Newsflash: by Thursday I ditched the grab bars in the bathroom.

This hike was from downtown Issaquah WA.

When the front desk lady says hike……. do like Nancy Sinatra. COME ON BOOTS….START WALKING.

Get outside, your adventure gene is calling.

Love to all,

Thanks for following.


3 thoughts on “Poo Poo Trail

  1. This would be one of JACK WILIAM’s favorite haunts since he just loves to say Poo-Poo; he even calls me Dr. Poopy-Pants, named after the character in “Captain Underpants” the movie. U R doing GREAT!


  2. Nancy
    Super post
    I don’t think I will be getting piles anytime soon but the pictures and your wonderful images are such a gift

    God bless you
    Love Cyndy


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