Salisbury Marathon

State #37-check !
This was the view for me for 17 miles-not SOUL in sight. I was clearly not on a popular pace !

Salisbury University home of the Gulls

Was it a race start or a gothic novel ?

What a peaceful morning and beautiful location to start the event.
Congrats Matthew who competed in the marathon with his 360 team-what a joyous moment for all to see his glorious finish just over 6 hours. Go team go. 

Thank you to the good people of Salisbury for surrendering their roads for 8 hours for the marathon. This was a second year event and there were plenty of positives.  We had a gothic style start with plenty of mist and mood. We had good weather for running, interesting sights in the area,  and great volunteer support. The areas for improvement could be to adjust the color of the marathon giveaway shirt and provide some food at the finish for the marathon. I do not know if the 5k and half ate it all or there was none to start with …that is what restaurants on every corner of America are for-right ? I did serious damage to a stuffed crust pizza a few clicks up the road. Did you know there is such a thing as cheese INSIDE  crust ? OMG. Two words: You Must.

The route was flat and paved which was much appreciated after my recent adventures in Red Rock,  dirtfest at the Land Between the Lakes  KY trail and the Withalocoochee (my new favorite word). Other than lacking  another similar pace  50 stater to blather on about this that and all the other things for many hours it was a delightful day that just seemed long b/c my thoughts were simply not very fascinating that morning.

Here is my new pal Phil H a semi retired  professor from the area enjoying the good life on the MD shore and enjoying his step down from BLT’s (Big Long Things) to halfs and being home from running by lunchtime. Sadly we only shared a few miles but they were fabulous. Do not ask why…. his bib was more important than his face. I think it was a FB quest. Also shout out to a 360 athlete smoking a trail on the road. Phil is a kindred spirit. Note 24 oz bottle, stocked fanny pack and bandanna ready for service.

There were lots of teams participating with the 360 group (actually there is one team just behind Phil’s wristwatch above. There was lots of inspiration out on the route with teams doing big miles and having a great time.  8 years ago I committed a  huge finish line faux pas in Portland ME that I must share. I was attempting my first double-2 races-2 states-2 days. The weather turned to rain the second half of Day 1. By the end of Day 2, I had never wanted anything to be over more. I was fully ready to quit but I knew doing that would involve another trip to Maine and another 26 miles. The light bulb was that the only way to it was to keep going. In the last 500  yards I was faced with the choice to pass the military squad  marchers and folks walking  with them for fallen family.  I scampered right across the chute with complete disregard to the moment. My priority was  a desire to stop the madness and get out of the rain and clearly not to even realize there was another human on the planet. So much for focus and priorities.

What kind of eejit does that ? Lesson learned- yield the chute !

So when Matthew and  team were coming in it was a glorious time to watch him get up and walk a few steps over the line to his very excited Mom and cheer squad at the line.

What a great endeavor to get everybody involved on the roads. Is there a person in your orbit that would enjoy participating in a team ?

Salisbury (pronounce SAULSbury) is 2.25 hours from BWI. It was a pleasant drive over the Bay Bridge and through rural MD.  There were plenty of hotels in town.

The blog would not be complete without a shout out to grandson Jack W for this month  for his 7th birthday. Yes every bit of this is edible.

One of my favorite parts of the East coast is the amount of rural land so close to the cities. How did they manage to not sprawl non stop for every mile after having been there for so many years ? It is just so pleasant. Not to dis Chicago where I spent most of my years -but what was the thinking to develop every inch for scores of miles ? Is it the flat terrain ? Urban developer historians do tell.

What is your favorite part of the country ? What feels just right ?

Next up for me is a trip north to the summer headquarters in WI. From there the first outing is a 4 state/4 day cluster in the Northeast. VT-MA-CT-RI.

Be well, get out and play. Eat more pizza and cake (quote from Mr. Jack)

Love to all,


5 thoughts on “Salisbury Marathon

  1. Withlacoochie makes me giggle too. I am a teenager at heart. Congratulations and I suppose pizza with cheese in the crust is maybe even better than Salisbury steak.

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  2. Love your blog posts! These pictures are fabulous. What a glorious time of the year to run. I bet your next run in the 4 states of the NE will be spectacular. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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