Do you believe  that anticipation is one of the best parts of living the large(r) life ? The source of all fake and real  information can take you off the fence.

NY Times Travel Anticipation

Here is a brief summary of what the goals for the summer and spring 2020 look like.  Next week Deb will go to Chicago to party with rock star grandson  Jack William as he turns 7. Laser Tag and hotel swimming are on the docket. I will honor Jack’s 7th by running 26.7 miles in Salisbury MD- yes to a steak please. Jack and I will follow up this summer with 7 rides down the tallest water slide we can find.

In May I hope to conquer 4 states in the Northeast in 4 days. That will push my count up to 41. Hopefully June will be a good month and I will hit Montana with  the Dave Bell road show and follow up with another attempt at Washington and hit OR a few days later.


If everything is still operating in the leg regions then there will be a weekend in Juneau AK in July.  August will feature a mini circle  by bicycle of Lake Michigan with both ferries and a credit card from our place in Delavan WI.  I do not want to jinx September by anticipating too fiercely but there is some spectacular swimming in Lake Powell AZ  with some very fun folks scheduled.


October will have some personal  running  states and Chicago Marathon cheerleader duties with Euro runners Debbie Jayne and Katja Forgotcha.



Here is the reveal on the  mile by mile of the Bubba trip to bike across America that is down for next spring. Is there enough butt  powder on the planet to do this ? There is only way to find out.  Yes I will go for that practice bike ride with you unless it is King Richard the randonneur man asking.


I am hoping Jeannie will give me three wishes that Michele V can get 2 months off work to ride across America too.

Dreaming big one mile at a time:

Day # Where Day Date Mileage Type

0 San Diego, CA Friday 1-Mar 0 Hotel
1 Alpine, CA Saturday 2-Mar 41 Hotel
2 Jacumba, CA Sunday 3-Mar 43 Hotel
3 Calexico, CA Monday 4-Mar 51 Indoor
4 Yuma, AZ Tuesday 5-Mar 65 Indoor
5 Dateland, AZ Wednesday 6-Mar 70 Camp
6 Gila Bend, AZ Thursday 7-Mar 52 Camp
7 Casa Grande, AZ Friday 8-Mar 74 Indoor
8 Catalina, AZ Saturday 9-Mar 69 Camp
9 Catalina, AZ Sunday 10-Mar 0 Camp
10 Tucson, AZ Monday 11-Mar 43 Camp
11 Tombstone, AZ Tuesday 12-Mar 73 Hotel
12 Douglas, AZ Wednesday 13-Mar 50 Hotel
13 Rodeo, NM Thursday 14-Mar 58 Indoor
14 Columbus, NM Friday 15-Mar 95 Indoor
15 Columbus, NM Saturday 16-Mar 0 Indoor
16 El Paso, TX Sunday 17-Mar 75 Hotel
17 Ft. Hancock, TX Monday 18-Mar 61 Indoor
18 Van Horn, TX Tuesday 19-Mar 74 Camp
19 Marfa, TX Wednesday 20-Mar 73 Indoor
20 Marathon, TX Thursday 21-Mar 57 Camp
21 Marathon, TX Friday 22-Mar 0 Camp
22 Sanderson, TX Saturday 23-Mar 55 Indoor
23 Comstock, TX Sunday 24-Mar 81 Camp
24 Brackettville, TX Monday 25-Mar 73 Camp
25 Concan, TX Tuesday 26-Mar 74 Cabin
26 Concan, TX Wednesday 27-Mar 0 Cabin
27 Kerrville, TX Thursday 28-Mar 72 Camp
28 Blanco, TX Friday 29-Mar 59 Camp
29 Lockhart, TX Saturday 30-Mar 63 Camp
30 La Grange, TX Sunday 31-Mar 60 Indoor
31 Richards,TX Monday 1-Apr 89 Camp
32 Richards,TX Tuesday 2-Apr 0 Camp
33 Shepherd, TX Wednesday 3-Apr 64 Camp
34 Silsbee, TX Thursday 4-Apr 61 Camp
35 DeRidder, LA Friday 5-Apr 73 Hotel
36 Opelousas, LA Saturday 6-Apr 91 Hotel
37 St. Francisville, LA Sunday 7-Apr 68 Camp
38 St. Francisville, LA Monday 8-Apr 0 Camp
39 Franklinton, LA Tuesday 9-Apr 86 Indoor
40 Poplarville, MS Wednesday 10-Apr 45 Indoor
41 Ocean Springs, MS Thursday 11-Apr 72 Indoor
42 Dauphin Island, AL Friday 12-Apr 83 Camp
43 Dauphin Island, AL Saturday 13-Apr 0 Camp
44 Pensacola, FL Sunday 14-Apr 56 Hotel
45 Milton, FL Monday 15-Apr 30 Camp
46 DeFuniak Springs , FL Tuesday 16-Apr 54 Camp
47 Marianna, FL Wednesday 17-Apr 69 Camp
48 Tallahassee, FL Thursday 18-Apr 80 Hotel
49 Live Oak, FL Friday 19-Apr 77 Camp
50 Gainesville, FL Saturday 20-Apr 83 Indoor
51 Palatka, FL Sunday 21-Apr 55 Hotel
52 St. Augustine, FL Monday 22-Apr 35 Hotel

Lastly if you are still reading along I must salute Amy Turon for finding my old blog Nan’s old blog






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