Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes was state number 36 for me. The event had a choice of some long distances , generous time limits and a good reputation. The above are internet photos of the trail. Race day weather was rainy and the mud on the trail was ankle deep and by the end of the day the puddles were like lakes. The views of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley were great as there were no leaves on the trees. Lots of exciting ups and downs. The downs were a slip and slide.

This was the cleaned up city version, much dirt left behind

Looking like a drowned rat and a dirty girl. The thunder and lightning kept me moving along.  There were some folks out there for the 14 miler for 10 hours. Holy cow, it was an adventure.

Kentucky Dam and a turbine.

The start area with a barge passing through. Water levels super high.

Loved the stop at the quilt museum and the interesting tour by an avid quilter. One of the best museums since the guide explained the intricacies of each quilt and the labor and technique used. Just WOW.

This quilt is carved from wood and even had etching that you could swear was fabric.

Below is Hillbilly art. Each piece was a pun of some sort.

Bumper crop

Slave cabin housed 2 families of 12 each

Toured Andrew Jackson’s home and slave cabins. The Oreo cows were a highlight. Andrew Jackson was a controversial guy. He won New Orleans from the British which was a big plus.  He had a temper and participated in many duels.  He was not beloved by the slaves (he kept his) or the Native Americans (he displaced them).  He won the popular vote  in 1824 but lost the electoral vote. On the next election he won big. The White House gained electricity and flushing toilets and was the only president to pay off the national debt.

I am proud to declare that my next door neighbor has family members in Possum Trot. Who knew ? My fellow 50 stater Dave Bell says Toad Suck AR and Bumpus Mills, Bugtussle and Difficult TN   are down the road.

It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you can put up with. That was some advice I just read in a book about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

This was a very memorable event, lightning did not strike and #36 is a check.

Next up is Salisbury MD. Flat, paved.  Get out and play.


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