Red Rock Canyon

Clearly a racing bathrobe. Hey it’s Vegas.

Welcome to the new blog site. Since it has taken a bit of time to get this puppy up and running-ha ha-ha the recent news about MJ has put a tarnish on this outing and it’s report.

To celebrate turning 65 and to run state # 35 my beloved  Debbie said yes to a Nevada adventure. We checked into a terrific suite at the Hard Rock, hit the casino and took in the MJ One show. The artistry, creativity and athleticism of the Cirque performers was a once in a lifetime experience. My heart raced for 12 hours the show was so exhilarating.

I am very saddened by the recent MJ news.

The gambling gods smiled on D and we went home with more than we arrived with. Win.   The recent extraordinary snow events allowed for a modified race due to the very cold temps and threat of black ice. Pre race instructions included the request to pour remaining fluid in the cups on a cactus to keep ice off the road. On a side note the kind folks at Calico Racing did an extraordinary job putting this event on with the recent snow. The revised route was up up up  2.7 miles and back for 4.5 loops, rather than a 13 mile  out and back. I have vivid memories of the up not so much of the down. The scenery was spectacular. Dawn over red mountains with snow-it doesn’t get any better.

The logistics to get to and from the Strip were easy by a race bus and the oxymoron of Vegas glitz and wilderness was enjoyable for us. For sure a repeat of another Calico event combined with a show is on the bucket list.

The time to get to your bucket list is while you can. Get out there my friends, adventure is calling and you must go.

Thank you for patience while I figure out a new set of tech.

Sending love to all,


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