welcome to nan’s adventures

Vicarious leads to  taking action and right now life is just so rich i hope sharing the latest escapades will enrich, inspire and lighten your day. With 22 states left and the world a bigger place without a  job here’s what is happening in Nan’s world. In addition to 22 states left to do a marathon i have set a goal to to a trail marathon, complete an ultra (50K=31 ish miles), and redo the ironman and have absolute fun all day. there will be other goals but that is the present focus !
 sun 1/29 i will do a “challenging” 13.1 trail race in a state forest near Tampa. so to get ready yesterday i ran entirely on the beach here in anna maria where is it exceptionally runable-not daytona- like but firm-and beautiful.  after a good 1:40 i enjoyed breakfast on the beach with a bottomless cup of coffee. true heaven. Today i experienced Robinson Preserve in Bradenton. miles of trails paved and not, a tall observation tower for “hills” and fresh water ponds with birds everywhere- the big kind: herons,storks,osprey,eagles, cormorants and lots i do not know. a cardinal reminded me of home. fish were jumping and it was heaven. most of the park borders on the manatee river where it comes into palma solma bay it is very very wide- i thought it was tampa bay-  there were tons of birds feeding on the low tide flats. i did not see gators but i looked. Tomorrow debbie and i will connect with the fun folks with the Bradenton Running club for the Sunday 11 miler here on the island and breakfast after. First Watch has amazing multi grain pancakes. More after the next adventure thanks for tuning in. (p.s I am allergic to capital letters-sorry)

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